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Heartwood Bi Folding Doors

Hardwood Bi Folding Doors designed and built to the highest quality.

Heartwood Bespoke Bi Folding Doors.

A folding door is a type of door which opens by folding back in sections.
Folding doors were already known by the Romans as excavations in Pompeii have revealed.
Folding doors may also be known as accordion door or accordion partitions.
Folding doors are designed to provide quick and easy space division with moderate sound attenuation and a pleasing visual appearance.
Accordion doors and partitions provide quick sight and sound division with a simple pull-and-latch operation.
Accordion doors and partitions are available as single and paired openings.

Our Hardwood Bi-Folding Doors are built with quality and have an elegance that will last Perfect for your Conservatory, Garden Room or Orangery.
Hardwood bi- folding doors come with the highest quality hardware and are available in many configurations .
We can offer advice about your bi-fold doors.
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All our Bi Folding Doors are designed and manufactured by our own staff and in our own factory.
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